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“So Many Lonely People!”
I am suddenly bombarded by requests to heal people. Like I was hibernating, and have suddenly awakened to this spring of people needing healing. And the healer in me really wants to respond... but I'm being cautious.

So I'm gently sending them healing and pink light and love, nothing major because of the promise I made to my husband to stop healing. Just gentle healing and wellness.

And it feels great! I hope I can help them and make them feel better.

Together we will make a difference, community by community, across the nation, and around the globe. Join us and be a part of the solution for peace and healing!




Love: Food for the Soul!
Maybe what he is telling me this morning is that it is okay to fall in love with someone else and that will make my marriage stronger?? I don't get it, but this Master keeps me on my toes as I struggle to read between the lines...

Maybe he is saying, as a healer, I will become One with God, and then what does it matter who I am married to? If we are all One, we are all married? Sounds rather like an orgy, but I will keep going with my theories...

Maybe he means love deeply and not ask for anything back... Now, I am the Queen of doing that, that is why my marriage is in the mess it is in, and all the men I meet fall in love with me...

Thank you, Master! I'll keep reading between the lines and keep guessing...

Blessings be to all the beloveds of the world, all the lonely people searching for love, all the broken hearts... We are all One!

Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty
I agree with Master 100%. As I told my dearest friend last week, as I went with her to the plastic surgeon's office, just meditate, stay happy, and you will look 10 years younger... She of course, thinks that is nonsense, and proceeded to take out her cheque book, spend a large amount of money, and got a new face...

But what about a new soul? She always finds the glass half empty, and always sees the dark clouds behind the rainshower. Won't the wrinkles and frown and discontented look come back sooner rather than later?

And me. As I dressed last night to go out dancing with my husband, I found my face glowing with youth and beauty! I have never used as little make up as I did last night to go to a night club... Because the inner beauty is shining through. Because my dependance on cosmetics is getting less. Because God's light surrounds me.

Inner Beauty. Vital, yes! But, also for us mortals, External Beauty is important. Whether it be lipstick and kaajal, Prana Vidya facelifts, attitudinal changes, or expensive trips to the plastic surgeon... most of us care how we look on the outside.

Your choice on the make up of choice. Make Up or Glowing Aura. Medication or Meditation.

What do you think???

Passions in Healing...
Do you have a passion for healing some particular kind of ailment? Or people? I know, as senior healers and meditators, we heal all those we come in contact with... but everyone has favourites... Like my yoga teacher's passion is the back. And with his blend of meditative yoga, he is able to manage and heal back pain 100%.

My two passions are depression and sports healing. I can spot these two a kilometer away and just get drawn to these kinds of people. Like I cannot help but talk with the most depressed people or the most undepressed (sportstars and athletes). One deplete me and the other energise me. And I feel this is the perfect balance...

Who do you like to heal? Write in and share with me... I am all yours!

Top Five Reasons To Be in Healing!
1. when I heal, I forget my pain
2. I love the magic of people feeling better
3. I love the love and blessings they send me (do not accept money)
4. I love the science behind it... as a techie, I also needed the hard core understanding
5. Love the understanding I have of chakras, disease, food, yoga, ayurveda... basically I understand disease, its psychological roots, and then, how to cure it.

What are your top five reasons?


A Day In Life: My Teaching Journey...

How does He know? Does He really watch over all of us? I am amazed at His Grace. .


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